July 2011 Inspiration

July 2011 Message to inspire us to live a balanced but brilliant life as educators:

“Organizations break down, despite individual brilliance and innovative projects, because they are unable to pull their diverse functions and talents into a productive whole.” – Peter Senge

Fulfillment from work is the result of application, dedication, and indispensable sense of humor, and above all a never ending conversation with ourselves, those whom we work, and those whom we serve.“- David Whyte

Essential questions to educators:
1. In what ways should we all be alike so it benefits students? (Curriculum)
2. In what ways should we all be different so it benefits students? (Collaboration – this is a tough balance but worthwhile)
3. What will we accept as evidence that students are benefiting? (Data review of both soft and hard data)
4. Is our decision one of conscience or convenience? (What is the emotional magnitude of the decision?)

Video Inspirations (titled by KJB):


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