Reflect not Relive

Learn from the past live in the present plan for the future.” – Audrey Farrell

Often in life we have moments of reflection. We make lists of goals we hope to achieve
and may even think of the promises that have yet to be fulfilled. Even further, we tend
to think about obstacles that may have prevented or delayed us from achieving our goal.
By reflecting, we should take the opportunity to think about what we learned and what
can be done in the future to get the desired outcome or perhaps even enhance the final
outcome. In the occupation of teaching, we should always look for ways to improve
student learning and collaboratively working together to obtain that goal no matter what
the obstacle.

Reflection from course #1
UBD final project

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PDSA Approach
Tiered Model Approach
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I am always looking for ways to extend my learning and welcome any feedback that will
assist me in going from good to great and on a good day, from great to exceptional! 🙂