Caught in the Net

In creating lessons for 7th grade advisories on Digital Citizenship Melinda and I had mostly relied on the information from Common Sense Media. When writing a reflection on our current efforts, I stumbled upon an article that offered items that will surely be infused with the work we are doing. The article, “10 Interactive Lessons by Google on Digital Citizenship,” offers lessons that range from cyberbullying to copyright. I will pause here to say that in pitching our idea our co-workers also asked for additional resources in copyright, especially when it comes to images. As stated in the article, “The killer feature for this curriculum is the extra features that come with each video. There are slides perfect for presentations, guidelines for teachers, and even an entire YouTube channel of related videos that should be of interest to anyone looking to teach about digital citizenship.”

In reviewing the comments posted to this blog, I noted that one stated that YouTube was blocked at their school. Let’s take a second to pause for the cause. Is having this type of safety net keeping students away from danger or keeping valuable information away from students? In blocking this resource when will we as educators have the opportunity to teach students how to use it for purposes that are beneficial?

I once again am thankful that I work in an educational institution that not only sees the value of technology but also wholeheartedly supports it. We do provide a net in the form of teaching our students how to correctly and responsibly use the World Wide Web. We are teaching them to be informed consumers and conscientious creators.


Relax, Relate, Release

You may be thinking, why all the alliteration? Well I would like to think that it is a great way to make a connection with the message you are trying to relay. It also worked when creating a way to pitch the idea of hosting a digital citizenship camp throughout a school year through advisory.

I am fortunate to work in an environment that is receptive to learning and growing. This year the middle school community welcomed the opportunity to go one-to-one with iPads. With this humongous undertaking, came tremendous opportunities to learn and grow. In reflecting upon how we could continue to best support our learning environment, we realized that it would be beneficial to have focused lessons throughout the year. The lessons will be modeled using the framework from Commonsense Media. In sharing our ideas our co-workers were able to:

Relax in knowing lessons were going to be created to address the learning needs of students.

Relate to the latest research and tools available for digital citizenship.

Be better equipped to release our students into the world of digital citizenship as responsible consumers and contributors.