Educational Beliefs

Education is the key to success; therefore educational institutions have a great responsibility to impact and influence today’s youth. Schools can make a positive difference by helping to shape and mold the character, values, and morals of students. In addition schools should be a positive environment that prepares students to become productive citizens in their community, as well as the global society. Schools should be an institution that develops a student’s ability to think critically, analytically, and creatively. As we continue to live in the 21st century, it is imperative that students interact across all levels, especially in the areas of academia and social communications. Computers and/or tablets along with other technological advances can assist in making this goal obtainable. The educational environment needs to facilitate an environment that allows educators to be creative in addressing the ever-changing needs of the student and the learning styles they possess. It is thus the responsibility of those in education to acknowledge and make use of best practices when addressing today’s student learner.

As an educator, I believe in an academic structured system that promotes academic achievement for all students. This is achieved through professional learning communities, professional development, integration of technology in learning, promoting the use of multiple learning styles, and teaching to each child’s learning needs. Curriculum with shared specific objectives, time frames, and measured results provide for greater student achievement. As an educator, one of my key roles is to promote the success for every student. A tool used in promoting success is the review and use of data.

Data allows for evaluation of educational and instructional needs. Assessment data also informs groups of students who are having difficulty assessing the curriculum. As an educator I use data to create and channel appropriate resource to ensure that all students can achieve educational success.

As an educator I use technology to manage and promote student learning, appreciate diversity, use data to inform practice, and implement varied strategies and models to lead educational institutions. In today’s leading school, technology plays an integral part in ensuring that students are provided with the opportunity to stay current with the trends of the 21st century. My role as an educator is to make technology and the training needed to implement technology a priority. Another key role as an educator is to promote a climate that cultivates intellectual curiosity, stimulate innovation, and valuing diversity is another important component to educational success. As an educator I look for ways to incorporate as many opportunities as possible for students and staff to benefit from the various cultures that exist within the community. Examples include the selection of course offerings, opportunities to invite the community to participate in cultural activities, and the hiring of qualified diverse staff.

I believe that it is my responsibility as an educator to contribute to and or sustain a collaborative environment for which all stakeholders are utilized for the advancement of not only the student, but also the staff and the community-at-large.


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