We Can Handle the Truth

In one of the first classes of course #5 a classmate shared the infographic of “The 50 things We No Longer Do Because of Tech Advancements.” Day-by-day, minute-by-minute and perhaps second-by-second we as educators must realize the truths that the way things were done yesterday are inadequate in meeting the needs of today’s learner.

I am grateful to work in an educational environment that exercises the growth versus fixed mind set. We collaborate to produce educational and creative experiences for our students that support knowledge attainment and growth. It is important to us that they become responsible learners, which encompasses digital citizenship. A component in meeting our student’s needs is done through our advisory program, which is designed to:

• Support the social, emotional, and educational needs of middle school students.
• Promote school wide student learning goals (these focus on communication skills, self-awareness skills, interpersonal skills, and cognitive skills).

In going one-to-one for the 2012 2013 school year, we looked for ways to support our students, teachers, and parents in helping students become productive and responsible digital citizens. At the beginning of the year we held a two-day digital citizen boot camp and are looking for ways to provide additional and deeper support in the future. To that end, I am collaborating with fellow middle school educators to create a program for 7th grade students that would support a spiral curriculum grade 6 – 8 digital citizenship program. So far the process has been energizing and rewarding and I look forward to implementing the product we create.


Technology is here to stay and we must support our students in how they learn today. And unlike the stance Colonel Jessup took in the movie, ‘A Few Good Men,’ we not only handle the truth but we work to best prepare students to thrive in this truth.


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