Applications & Multiple Intelligence – Final Project

One could describe the focus of this course “Instructional Design and Problem Solving with Technology” as an investigation of technology use and pedagogy that produce the greatest learning opportunities and advantages for students. It goes without saying that it was a reminder, rather a refresher, to this educator. As we reviewed pedagogy I could not help but reflect on my belief that all students have different strengths and weaknesses and to that end, intelligence.

In February of 2012 I had the distinct pleasure to hear in person a man and mind I greatly admire, Howard Gardner. During his speech he gave a metaphor, “The standard view of intelligence is described as one computer. If it works well you are smart at everything. If it works ok, you are good at some things and not at others. If it does not work you are dumb at everything. The problem with this thinking is: we are not computers.” Gardner went on to state something that as educators we should never forget or take for granted, “How we educate people always reflect the values that we have.” So, what are our values in regards to students and for the purpose of this course, teaching students with technology?

My final project for this course is an attempt to connect technology with Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Slide1and Bloom’s Taxonomy. I would like to go on record as saying that there are a plethora of applications that meet the criteria of both views and an open to other perspectives and ideas. I would also like to share one more quote from Dr. Gardner to ponder and put into practice as you continue the work of introducing technology into your teaching profession, “What is important is realizing how a person learns and what works for them as learner.”


One thought on “Applications & Multiple Intelligence – Final Project

  1. Katrina,
    Thank you for including Track & Share under Intrapersonal Intelligence. What a nice thing to relate our app to Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences and Bloom’s Taxonomy.
    Thank you,
    Uwe Heiss

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