A Happy Marriage

Robert Gagne’s, “Nine Events of Instruction,” brought me back down memory lane to the training I received at Hampton University. An education major was required to develop lesson plans that encompassed many of the events outlined by Gagne, for they were to provide a standard of excellence when teaching.

During those days technology was beginning to bud and when I reflect on what is available today, I know that education majors can create even more learning opportunities. A resource in creating these opportunities is through the use of the comprehensive Technology Integration Matrix (TIM) that provides framework for Mathematics, Science, Language Arts, and Social Science. My interpretation of the marriage of the Gagne and TIM:

In staying with the “Happy Marriage” theme, I would describe the happy couple as having TPACK love – a love that merges technology, pedagogy, and content knowledge.

An educational leader has the responsibility to create an atmosphere that promotes ‘this love’ which supports a student’s ability to think critically, analytically, and creatively. The educational environment for which ‘this love’ will blossom needs to facilitate a setting that allows educators to be creative in addressing the ever changing needs of the student and the learning styles they possess. The International Society for Technology in Education believes that there are essential conditions to leveraging technology for learners that include the educational leader:

• Planning and promoting a shared vision
• Empowering leaders
• Planning for implementation
• Providing consistent and adequate funding
• Practicing equitable access
• Providing skilled personnel
• Providing ongoing professional learning
• Providing technical support
• Planning and promoting a curriculum framework
• Planning and providing student-centered learning
• Assessing and evaluating the program
• Engaging the community in the process
• Providing support policies
• Engaging in the support of the world-at-large.

These components could be thought of as the vows taken by Gagne and TIM – vows that will enable learners to not merely survive but thrive in the world in which the live.


One thought on “A Happy Marriage

  1. I totally buy your perspective, that the educators play a crucial role in creating and maintaining the interest of students by engaging them in variety of ways to understanding topics. Stimulating activities are required for students to enable them to think critically, which help them come to logical conclusions, and display their innovative effort. In order to facilitate this entire process, a teacher also needs to undergo trainings regularly and devise interesting strategies for teaching effectively.

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