Are you seeing crystal C.L.E.A.R.?

“Great leaders are those who ‘look out the window’ when things go right and attribute their success to the hard work of their team.  While when things go badly they ‘look in the mirror’ and consider what they personally could have done differently to have created better results.” – Jim Collins.

I am sure administrators at all levels have had their mixture of both window and mirror days and as we continue to learn and grow in this digital age, it is imperative that we keep our window and mirrors free from the smudges that can occur as a result of missteps in cyber-space.  What you are about to view are suggestions to get your message as an educational leader out crystal C.L.E.A.R.:

(Communication, Literacy, Etiquette, Access & Security, and Rights & Responsibilities).


Standard I: Educational leaders are committed to creating a culture of clear communication.

Standard II: Educational leaders are responsible for promoting digital literacy.

Standard III: Educational leaders are role models for exhibiting and expecting the use of digital etiquette.

Standard IV: Educational leaders are accountable for ensuring access and security.

Standard V: Educational leaders promote responsibility and the reward of rights.


To view document click here, K. Brown Final Project CLEAR


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