Rethinking Copyright Laws

In the world of creativity the phrase, “The land of the free, the home of the brave” has new meaning.  Growing up I remember teacher’s stating whether in language arts, dance, or art to allow the creative juices to flow.  When you think about this, this requires one to exhibit bravery and the freedom to express oneself.  How does this freedom play out in a world where the new western paradigm of creativity is married to copyright laws?

Do I believe individual and/or companies should receive credit for their creations?  Well of course.  However when more focus or credence is given to copyright so that money can be collected (money), creativity loses and the benefits of creativity weakened.  If we were to stop and create a plus and delta sheet, many would agree that there are more benefits in living in a world that fosters and environment of sharing.  What we need to do is work on more ways to foster creativity and the sharing of ideas or promote the companies who already seem to get “it” such as Creative Commons.

Creative Commons, a company that sees the big picture will allow those who teach students about academic honesty another avenue to promote this important topic while encouraging creativity.  I believe that when promoting creativity whether in writing, music, art, and/or dance, it is the responsibility of those fostering this creativity to do so with the promotion of integrity.


One thought on “Rethinking Copyright Laws

  1. True that Creative Commons has benefited the students, educators and professionals of different norms by promoting the sharing of resources legally. Does it not hit the creativity of an individual? Picking ideas, using them, recreating from the resources, does not let the individual think differently. I think the educator should draw a line by chalking out the rubric which would indicate the proportion of originality required, and also the extent to which the shared resources can be used( depending on the time restraint for an assignment).

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